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The Family Office Real Estate Consortium was created to solve two of the most significant issues for family offices when it comes to real estate - Due Diligence & Deal Flow. In these areas, in addition to the combined "investment power" of the group, better terms can often be negotiated for member investments.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is the MOST important part of identifying good real estate opportunities.  It starts with the operator / sponsor and then the property is secondary.

​We use our internal and strategic partners combined experience of over 100 years and $10BB of due diligence real estate investment experience to help our members identify potential opportunities.

this process we analyze:

  • The Operator / Sponsor

  • All Financial Models including assumptions, worse case/mid case/best case scenario

  • Market Analysis

  • Demand Analysis of Property Type

  • Where we are in the Market Cycle

  • And More...….

Deal Flow

Quality deal flow is the largest need for family offices

​As a member and a one time annual fee you will receive quality deal flow  that has already been screened and gone through the due diligence process.

​Because any opportunities presented to a member has already gone through this process, members can focus whether the investment could fit within their portfolio


  • To be able to look at deals provided by other members that have already worked with an operator and had investment success;

  • To receive lower fees on deals due to negotiations as a group with sponsors;

  • To discuss potential deals as a group or with other members;

  • To have an asset manager who is investing alongside other members to help with the oversight and performance of any properties the group invested in

  • To meet other family offices and family office professionals.

  • To potentially save $100,000s to Millions of dollars in transactions and opportunity costs from bad investments;

  • To keep from having an in-house person to evaluate direct real estate deals which would cost the family office between $80 to $125K for an analyst per year plus taxes and insurance.

Additional Member Benefits

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Quarterly Conferences 

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Best Practices

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Providing Real Estate  Industry Information

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The Latest Podcasts With Industry Experts

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Family Offices

Meeting Other
Like Minded
Family Offices

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Local Events

Family Office Real Estate Local Market Events

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Market Cycles

Quarterly Updates on were we are in the Real Estate Cycle

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News Network

Interviews & Updates on Family Office Real Estate​​

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Property Info

Due Diligence
Property Updates
Online Meetings

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