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Why Join

The Family Office Real Estate Consortium is a private membership group open to Family Office Investors only.

The Consortium was created to provide funds and direct real estate opportunities in a private forum for families and their family office professionals. In addition to delivering deal flow, the consortium's objective is to provide due diligence and establish a dynamic peer network, combine purchasing power, and provide insight into the real estate market and its opportunities.

Our Mission

Making smart investments is very important to our success, and generating high returns on our invested capital is our #1 goal. But we are also very committed to helping grow generational wealth. We invest our time, money, and experience in concentrated ways to identify quality operators/sponsors and investment opportunities.

Our Objectives

1. To provide insight into the real estate market and its opportunities;

2. Due diligence and pre-screened direct real estate investment opportunities;

3. The ability to create purchasing power as a group and to;

4. Be part of a dynamic peer network

Our Structure

The Family Office Real Estate Consortium is a "network" model where individual members make their own investment decisions. We also have an optional matching fund in which members can participate actively or passively. Following best practices, our matching fund invests programmatically. When our individual members elect to make their investments, the fund will match those commitments to provide additional firepower. 

Member Participation

We hold member meetings every six months to review new investment company opportunities and past investments' progress and hear from world-class speakers with relevant expertise. Our meetings are held in Denver, Aspen, Vale and Colorado Springs.

We also offer remote-member participation by streaming video and chat.

When members choose to invest in a property, we form special-purpose entities to make and manage those investments.

Our Governance

Our group is operated by a dedicated manager and strategic talented support teams, and governed by an advisory board. Our management team handles all the day-to-day aspects of running the membership including organizing deal flow, due diligence, staging first-class meetings, and directing our accounting, tax, and legal support teams.

Our members also benefit from all the programming and research from The Family Office Real Estate Institute, News Network, Podcast, Events & Magazine

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