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The Family Office Real Estate Consortium is a private membership group open to Family Office Investors only.


The Consortium was created to provide funds and direct real estate opportunities in a private forum for families and their family office professionals. In addition to delivering deal flow, the consortium's objective is to provide due diligence and establish a dynamic peer network, combine purchasing power, and provide insight into the real estate market and its opportunities.

Our Focus

In our search for operators/sponsors, we prioritize those with a proven track record of success in their specific property types, demonstrating their expertise and experience. We seek operators/sponsors who have a vested interest in the projects they undertake and a history of effectively managing properties even during challenging economic conditions. Our preference lies in identifying operators/sponsors who have a notable history of achievements in secondary markets, emphasizing properties with the potential for value enhancement. By focusing on these criteria, we aim to form partnerships with operators/sponsors who possess the skills and capabilities necessary to maximize opportunities and drive success in the real estate market.

How We Can Help

We provide a range of valuable resources to our members, leveraging our extensive experience and vast network of contacts cultivated through our participation in over 20 conferences annually. Through these connections, we offer referrals and access to a diverse deal flow from other members, enabling us to identify highly favorable real estate investments.

Our members consist of family offices that have achieved success in their respective industries but lack specific expertise in real estate or seek additional high-quality deal opportunities. While we could solely focus on investing for our own family office, we choose to allocate our resources, time, due diligence, and expertise to assist other family offices in finding vetted investment opportunities. Collaborating with other family offices and facilitating their real estate ventures is not just a job but a genuine passion for us.

Our Managing Director

Named as one of Family Capitals Top 10 U.S. Family Office Real Estate Professionals and as one of Trusted Insight’s Top 30 Real Estate Investors at a Family Office, DJ Van Keuren has focused on real estate over 16 years and the last five years for two families.  Most recently as the Vice President for the Hayman Family Office, the Single Family Office of the Hayman Family who was the founder of Giorgio Perfume, where he was responsible for family office capital and the real estate activities which supported Hayman Properties, an affiliate of the Hayman Family Office.  Before that, he was the Director of Family Office Capital for the Arsenal Family Office (SFO) working on their real estate portfolio and investments.  With over his 25 years’ of experience in real estate and finance, D.J. has been responsible for the underwriting, and the placement of debt and equity for over USD 2BB in real estate assets.​

DJ is the creator of the Master Tenancy structure, a one of a kind real estate fund structure for family offices, a member of the Forbes Real Estate Council, author of “The Family Office Guide to Investing into Real Estate“, founder of The Family office Real Estate Institute and The Family Office Real Estate Magazine.  He is a frequent speaker at family office conferences around the world. Most recently DJ was a Family Wealth Alliance finalist for its Best In Industry Awards for Thought Leadership and Special Industry Contributions, and a finalist for outstanding contribution to wealth management thought leadership for the Family Wealth Report Awards.  He has been published in Forbes, Family Office Elite, Real Assets Advisor, & Private Wealth and quoted in The New York Times, PERE, National Real Estate Investor and Forbes. Mr. Van Keuren is a past Editorial Board Member for Real Asset Advisor Magazine, is the past President of the Harvard Real Estate Alumni Organization and a prior Board Member for the Real Estate Academic Initiative at Harvard.


D.J. received his B.A. from Ball State University, attended graduate studies in Real Estate from the NYU Schack Real Estate Institute, and received his Master's Degree from Harvard University in Management and Finance.

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